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a >> two men accused of killing three young children reject a proposed -- problems they may face in a third trial. >> and we have a nice weekend -- will we get one? >> no. >> the news continues right now. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. >> i hate to be contrary. >> you know i like 75, sunny. >> it is not going to be that. >> we have some clouds. very little sign of breaking through. and those clouds are creating a couple sprinkles and showers.
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most of it has been south of us. it is been a kind of a diminishing. bit.ay get spritz a bied a it is moving to the northeast. most of virginia is clear. so later on today, some sunshine. i will detail that and just a minute. now we will check the roads. they should be dry. >> they are. a nice start. no delays at the moment. and closures and the city due to the water main break repairs, madison and guilford avenue and charles street near 21st. continued closures there. that is due to a degree removal. just a reminder. all through traffic cannot get through. local traffic able to get through. 11 minutes on the east side.
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stamping on the west side. from i-95 merge the of the harbor tonnetunnel tolls. problem for its research over to 95 a route 24. coming down from hartford county, building volume. but moving well it down toward the 895 split. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> today in washington, david petraeus answers questions for the first time since resigned over an affair. >> but today's hearing is and focused on that, lawmakers want to know what he knows about the attack in libya that killed four americans. >> after 3 hour briefings and the cia and fbi come to live with the house and senate intelligence committees will hear from former cia director, david petraeus. >> he interviewed many of the people, as i understand it, that were involved appearance of the
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opportunity to get his views is very important. >> the closed door hearing is not expected to get into the affair that prompted david petraeus to resign. the fbi concluded it was a personal matter. >> we made the determination as we are going through that there was not a threat to national security. >> david petraeus testified today on the deadly attack that killed four americans and then gonzi. thursday they saw the real time video of the attack. >> this administration, including the president himself has intentionally misinformed, lied to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> if you want to know who is responsible and this, by
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yourself in error. >> david petraeus could shed some light on that today. >> senate leaders say they will hold a hearing at a later date. >> our other big story is an edgewater man charged with a long history of sexually abusing two boys. police want to know if there are any other victims. jennifer franciotti live here in the studio. he has the hollywood connection? >> several sources have said that he is the brother of a mia farrow. she has been identified as john morrow. two adults came forward with accusations of child abuse. they say most of the abuse happened at morrow's home and lasted from 2000 until 2008.
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there were about eight years old when it began. >> he was determined there were numerous events occurring in adamantly over the eight or nine years. >> and charging documents indicate the victims would spend the night with him, who had some sort of custodial role with the children. he is currently being held in jail on $250,000 bond. back to you. >> thank you. the sexual assault of a 13-year- old girl, an arrest has been made. brian may approached the girl, he dragged her into a car and attacked her. >> and this man will spend years in prison for the murder of his son. he pleaded guilty thursday to
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first-degree murder in the 2011 death of his son. he is sentenced to life in prison with all but 50 years suspended. >> baltimore city police looking for suspects. they say the victim walked into the hospital with gunshot wounds. they determined he had been shot just after 9:30. no word on the description of the attackers. >>. prince george's county jury found mr. that not guilty of any charges in the death of her roommate. just hours after alexis simpson to the stand in her defense, the jury acquitted her for the 2011 death of her roommate dominque frazier. alexis simpson said shed a history of being bullied by dominque frazier and, in new that her roommate had a night. -- a knife. two men have rejected a plea deal from prosecutors.
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they give them the chance to have a 40 year prison sentence with the chance for parole. they were all relatives. prosecutors said this new trial will be a challenge as many of the witnesses have been deported. >> please and baltimore county asking for help in the search for 15-year-old girl missing for two months. she was last seen on september 21 getting into a small black honda with tinted windows. investigators said it was being driven by a hispanic male. she is from the franklin area. anyone with information should call police at 4108535630. >> firefighters and rescue crews from anne arundal county responded to the chesapeake bay shortly after 6:00 p.m. thursday
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two people on the votes were treated for non-life threatening injuries. two others refused treatment. >> local advocates adding voice to the concern of an fda investigation of five our energy drinks. >> this energy shot that energy200 milligrams of caffeine and each to ounce bottle can add up to an overwhelming volume for your body. people assume is not that much until they might take a second one which gives them a huge hit of caffeine. everything from nervousness to panic attacks. crack's a spokeswoman from the parent company released a people setting producthey urge not to consume more than to the bottles a death. and are unaware of any deaths caused by their product.
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>> 38 degrees at bwi. >> and their reckoning for bp as they pay the price of the 2010 massive vote oil spill. >> and the violence on the gaza strip. >> i will update you on the weather. >> we will to give it your morning commute. getting revenue accident
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>> good morning. 37 degrees. some clubs in the area. some clouds producing some sprinkles. little but of the plug the rain shower of activity. not here in the city but elsewhere. here is our skycam review. there are some breaks in the clouds this morning where stars are breaking through. the green indicates for the clouds are trying to reduce a sprinkle or shower. not as much activity, as there was an hour, one hour and a half ago. now of around the annapolis
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area. i expect some of this is not hitting the ground. more significantly, off to the southwest, near charlottesville, out in virginia, winchester, clear skies. everything pulling to the northeast. this is a morning thing. by this afternoon to be really nice. a little bit on the chilly side. annapolis is 44. 43 cells barry. 38, edgewater. parkton, 35. and even southwest pennsylvania. the water satellite image shows a disturbance, the center of a spinning around here. this makes it look worse than it is. most of the rain yesterday was down in the carolinas. this is moving to the northeast. if you are heading up to new
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england, you are going to follow it. you can see the clearing skies. so this is what is coming and it will establish itself for the weekend. this shows the big area of high pressure moving in with the weather disturbance pulling away off to the east. but the trend here is looking good as far as the weekend. 51 to 56. the increasing clout is the main feature. morning showers east of us. insta-weather futurecast shows by sunday afternoon there will be a little disturbance to the south, kind of like what we had yesterday and this morning. we are getting close to
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thanksgiving. we get to tuesday and there's something else developing. we see some clouds are ready area. we are not real specific as to how this plays out, but something will be going on to our south. it is far enough away that by thanksgiving day, we will be all right. we might be breezy, but we should be ok. keep in mind there are a couple things floating around, but we will be in the 50's. and the 30's for lows. aside from the morning sprinkle dry.and wesus, everything is >> if you are heading out of baltimore county, two accidents, one in cockeysville at beaver dam road. still moving pretty well there. we do have a owings mills
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boulevard, that is the other accident we are tracking. enclosures and the city. waterman brake repairs happening. and falls road of lafayette. the enjoyment of blockages due to the brief removal until sunday. only local traffic getting through. let us see what it looks like on 295. picking up the volume. we will switch over to a live view. new problems on the bridge east or west bound. benazir latest on traffic pulse 11. >> taking a look of our top stories, four people are dead, 17 injured after a train slammed into a float in west texas. it was headed to a veterans' parade. visibly train and sounded as approached and the crossing lights and engaged.
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and bp has made a recent settlement for a the mass of oil spill. a total of $4 billion in fines and penalties. and the ground invasion may be on the israeli border. first ever militant attack on televisa. >> in this morning's consumer alert, another all time low the average rate on a 30 year loan has dropped to 3.34% this is the
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lowest dating back to 1971. the average loan on a 15 year fixed hit a record low. dropping to 2.65%. they are set to make an , aouncement of the future hostess. they said there would be forced to liquidate the company if hostas employees did not stop strike entered another energy drink getting attention from the fda. 11 news reporter jane king has those stories and more. >> good and bad news from the retail industry. let us start here. improved product lines and a change of a marketing strategy is holding driving sales. the retailer boosted its private outward and raised its full year warnings forecast for this
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year's says there down for a 23rd straight quarter. even after adding the kardashian collection. they are starting a layaway programs. and for the holidays, their opening on thanksgiving day. as for stocks, markets are slower. walmart one of the reasons it is as shoppers are holding back. and rock star, the latest energy drink brand under fire. no deaths were cited in the report. it did involve some cases of an increased heart rate, and donald payne and four hospitalizations. this comes on the heels of five our energy drinks -- five hour energy drinks. a >> 6:18.
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keith mills has your preview of the ravens-steelers matchup. >> share your response on or send an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell with the love of your morning commute. there are some accidents. another one coming along philadelphia road. be careful there. other was given with a crash in cockeysville at beaver dam road and another in owings mills lombard. a handful of problems including voters to report in the city, madison street at guilford avenue with a water main break repairs. not much in the way of delays on the northwest side, jfx continues to move well. that is good news. a live look at traffic. yours looks upon to 95. volume continues to build southbound.
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but the switch over to a live view of 50 heading to and from the bay bridge, looking good to and from the eastern shore. as the latest on traffic pulse 11. let us see what is going on with the forecast clouds this morning. a couple sprinkles down in anne arundal county. a little more son in the picture than we had yesterday, still clouds of though. temperatures in the 50's. a lot of 40's yesterday. and traveling? major destinations and connect points, most places dry and storm-free. cool autumn temperatures. only tampa -- even tampa only 70 today. los angeles has rain shower activity. we will talk more about school time whether in a few minutes. now for sports with keith mills.
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>> good morning. the countdown continues to sunday's ravens-steelers game. the ravens fourth prime-time game. you can add the smith named to the injury list. he had surgery yesterday to repair his injured groin. he is due back later in the season. injuredhlisberger err's shoulder -- and ribbons defensive coordinator says he is more than capable of winning games in the nfl. >> a good quarterback, he was a starter for lot of years. the jacksonville to the playoffs. i am not mistaken, and has been in the system for a while. >> dam time 8:the third day sunday night.
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can see it right here -- game time is 8:30. this sunday night. you can see it right here on wbal tv 11. jim underwent a heart procedure yesterday to fix an irregular heartbeat. he is due back in practice today. that is good news. and his brother and mom is the coach at indiana and they are ranked number 1 in the country. do you think is some competition in that family? >> yes, just a little. >> somebody described him as tough as a two hour steak. >> baltimore's grand prix is now in the history books and the race -- i am not sure about
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that. >> and anne arundal county man accused of a heinous crime. details next. >> it is a fiscal face off. i am hallie jackson. roadsides need to tackle the fiscal cliff. will they find enough ground to skew the country from the edge? >> tracking an accident in
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> good morning. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> i am mindy basara. what is the weekend looking like? >> yesterday was all clouds. we still have a clouds. some clouds producing sprinkles. most to the south east of us. it looks like the most perfect will be on the eastern shore, not a very significant.
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a couple sprinkles over and arundal county around annapolis. and here an indication there might be a sprinkle of bear, the clouds will be going away and we will see some sun. a better forecast. we will talk details in a minute. >> for the first time since announcing his resignation in the wake of an affair, david petraeus answering questions on capitol hill. >> but not about the scandal. hallie jackson joins us live with more. what will he be addressing? >> we are expecting him to be on capitol hill any minute now for a hearing on the hill. first thing this morning there will be growing at david petraeus but the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. the questions will likely focus
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on what happened during and after the attack and that's a much of the affair that ended his career. he resigned last week. they also want to hear from hillary clinton. to testify after report from an independent review board is released probably mid-december. during hearings, some lawmakers saw video and surveillance video from the attack. lawmakers plan to hold a couple more hearings before releasing their findings. >> president obama just -- to help those struggling after hurricane sandy. >> yes. the president says the secretary of housing and urban development will act as they go to liaison between state and local government as these towns and cities struggle to rebuild upper super-storm sandy. you know what kind of damage caused. more than a $30 billion as requested from governor cuomo as
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president obama is promising to help those to recover and rebuild not just now but months into the future. >> thank you. anne arundal casta please send an edgewater man accused of contributing to the boys. live with more. >> they said the abuse started when there were eight years old. and they reveal just how the vulnerable they would have been. >> it takes a lot of courage to come forward with this type of information. our investigators acted quickly and will work in conjunction with police. >> their coming up. two adult males who came forward in august alleging they went through all misty decadent child sex abuse by this man, 66-year- old john farrow. court and to court documents the sex
6:33 am
abuse mostly happened here at his edgewater home. is it started in 2000 and lasted until 2008. the victims were about eight years old when it began. there would sleep over and is house with permission from their parents. "declined to court documents to is taking on some sort of custodial role, charging documents also reveal one of the victims told police the abuse that happened hundreds of times, so many that he lost count. but was determined these were numerous incidents. there were miners at the time. the current intermittently over eight or nine years. >> before the intermission to the anne arundal attorney's office who decided to file the charges. morrow turned himself into police. when their arrived at his home come along and quickly ran inside and told 11 news to leave. one neighbor who did not want to go on camera said he was not surprised with the allegation.
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>> neighbors along with several close to the case say farrow is the brother of mia farrow. right now he is being held on $250,000 bond. >> thank you. an update to restore we brought you wednesday, baltimore county fire officials now confirm the woman rescued from the house fire has passed away. 59-year-old karen died when fire swept through the second floor of her home early wednesday morning. officials still try to figure out what sparked the blaze. >> organizers behind baltimore grand prix said the race was a success. generated $2.8 million in ticket sales. 131,000 people attended. and brought $2.8 million into the state economy.
6:35 am
local economist considers the raise a big win for baltimore. >> i think that is a fantastic thing. it is like a grievance or orioles game. the >> this in the event shows great opportunity for growth in the years ahead. >> if you shop in ellicott city, you know how hard it to be to find a parking spot. a new iphone app can help you out. lists the location of available parking spaces. the sensors recognize when the spot is taken and when it is free. it may draw more customers to the historic district. >> this is to extend our customer service and our ability to please guest and offer a service. the essentially throughout our town. it is unbelievable. >> and parking and historic
6:36 am
downtown ellicott city will be at a premium as the city rolls out its free parking days for the holidays on november 22 through january 1. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> shipping them to be a busy morning. several accidents we are tracking in baltimore county. if you are traveling in catonsville, and rocky road, some closures. watch for that accident. may 1 to consider pulaski highway or 95. in cockeysville, at beaver road, an accident still in the clearing stages. and in owings mills and lakeside boulevard, watch for a crash. and madison delivered and charles street at north avenue toward a 21st, picking of delays on the west side outer loop around i-70. let us switch to a live view. some of brake lights there in
6:37 am
the outer loop. but as which to live view of traffic. we are looking at those outer loop delays down toward edmonton. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> good morning. some clouds. a brief light rain shower, most on the eastern shore. 38 degrees on tv hill. and generally, it is just cloudy. we will lose some of that. let us look of the bus stop forecast. we start out in the 30's and around 40. we will end up in the low 50's. unlike yesterday, we will see some clouds. all in all, looking up forecast wise. we will detail the weekend in a few minutes. >> 6:37. coming up, so beautiful you can
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eat it up. and they want you to. >> and the answer to our water cooler question of the day. what is your favorite part of the ravens-steelers rivalry. you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail at
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crack's a chocolate year in paris about a masterpiece. story masterpiece. entirely made from chocolate. no other structural support. he is known for his huge chocolate masterpieces. he once made a replica of the berlin wall out of chocolate. >> the star wars action figures are the latest added to the museum. they went on the market in 1978 and continue to be popular sellers. today 49 toys have made the cut, like playdough and the game of
6:42 am
dominoes. >> still ahead come and look at today's top stories. >> a delegate your morning commute. of your traveling in baltimore county, three accidents. we will update you on those coming up. >> we are going to try to get rid of these clouds today. we do of clouds here in the town of. 37 at the airport and 45 downtown.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:44. a maryland state trooper was involved in a car crash on west
6:45 am
old liberty court. tajurae george's county has found alexis simpson not guilty. -- a prince george's county jury has found alexis simpson not guilty. she said she had a history of being bullied by dominque frazier and knew that her roommate had a knife. defense attorney for two men convicted of murdering three young relatives had rejected a plea deal from prosecutors. they can now choose to accept a 40 year sentence with the possibility of a parole. there will now go to trial for a third time. prosecutors in the new trial will be a challenge because many of the witnesses have been deported. the california board decided
6:46 am
to donate all of his birthday money to charity. and he gets to spend his day with some heroes. >> so excited he can barely eat his lunch. eating cake is what most for- year-old boy is due on their birthday. >> this fire station toure is a dream come true. colobus attention for about $400 spent very wisely. he said he just wanted money, had no plans to keep it. $393 donation of his birthday money. he wanted that to go to a nonprofit dedicated to helping
6:47 am
burn victims. >> two years ago i was burned in a house explosion. everything at myself and my friends went through, to cnn as four years old to do that, that is huge. >> a small reward for these men, they hope there are more boys out there like this. >> a great story. let us check your morning commute. we are tracking a few problems as you head out. we have an accident. still in the clearing stages. also dealing with one and beaver dam road and one being cleared in owings mills at lakeside boulevard. watch for continued closures around madison and guilford and charles harbour towards 21st.
6:48 am
only local traffic getting through toward lafayette. delays falling into place on the west side. liberty down toward edmonton. harford road coming internet and backups from hartford over toward dealing the valley. dos delays will stretch back to 79/. that is the latest -- to 795. >> the clouds are still with us. the disturbance has moved up. most of it on the eastern shore, south of centreville. cambridge and blocked in a ritzes.spli hear on tv here, the carters 38 degrees. let us take a look at where temperatures have been and where
6:49 am
they are going. temperatures were in the 60's a couple days ago. we are born to be just below that mark as we head toward thanksgiving. our temperatures this morning, 38 on t.v. hill, 34 annapolis. 34 sells vealisbury. the futurecast shows this shower activity. not very significant a all. the key is that the clouds and in virginia. this is moving to the northeast. high pressure off to our west will dominate this front. no rain, it will wash out. weather is clear until you get to the west coast. that is a good trend for us the next couple of days.
6:50 am
51 to 56 with a decreasing. 51 to 56 with a decreasing clouds. morning spindle or shower, mostly to the east and south. northwest winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. the disturbance pulling out of the high pressure coming in. giving as good weather. down in the carolinas, you will be hit with some disturbances. as we go to tuesday, we have the same thing. it will take off toward the ocean. by thanksgiving, if the computers are right, we are far enough away that we should be in the clear. stay cool for the next seven days, only in the 50's for highs. a sprinkle to the south and east of us. >> time or live look of one of our big stores. and edgewater man accused of sexually abusing two boys for over a decade. jennifer franciotti live from our newsroom with more.
6:51 am
>> good morning. there could be more victims in this case. police say two adult males came forward in august climbing they went through over a decade of abuse. according to documents the 66- year-old man a sexually abused these boys mostly at his home. they say it lasted from 2000 until 2008. the victims were about eight- year-old when it began. they said the suspect is the brother of a mia farrow. >> where is the suspect now? >> are told he is being held on $250,000 bond until further notice. jennifer franciotti, thank you. the time is now 6:51. and your answer to our watercooler question of the day. that we should be in the clear. >> and weather and traffic to gather before you head out to start your day.
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>> time now for answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> what is your favorite part of the ravens-steelers rivalry. >> the looks on the faces of steelers fans when they lose. >> we need to talk because of my husband. in anticipation of the two teams battling it out --
6:55 am
>> i enjoyed the trash talk. there are some of the steelers fans that i am facebook friends with. i look forward to the pre game trash talk. we usually do that. until the playoffs. >> looking forward to that. here is a look of some of the news stories on 11 news at 7:00 a.m. the reason to eat more fish. why some states could reduce the risk for post part and depression. >> we will show you more of these feline daredevil's. and all of the latest traffic and weather updates. >> i guarantee you the cat did not choose to do that. [laughter]
6:56 am
>> let us check your morning commute. right now looking at a couple of accidents. in other crash of warren road and beaver dam road. another at a lakeside boulevard and one more to report greenspring ave. normal delays falling into place. will start in the area of 83. jfx looking okay. north and west side delays. 95 starting to build in volume. >> chilly but kristi. >> we should eventually get more sun. clouds this morning. .0's today 50 for the next seven days. and dry except for the brief morning shower this morning. the trend is improving right up until thanksgiving. some storms south of us but it looks like they will stay south.
6:57 am
>> now we know what he does with his time off. >[laughter] before cold & flu season, help prevent
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with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.

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